Welcome to Shadow Watch – An Introduction

Hello and welcome to Shadow Watch. You are probably here because like myself, you find the unknown so irresistible. Whether you simply love hearing or reading stories or have had an experience with something supernatural yourself, I hope that we can share this love of the unknown together.

I’ll be honest right up front and tell you I fall into the latter category. Although I love a good ghost story any time, it Is my own personal experiences that have drawn me in and have asked of me the question, why? But I’ll tell you more about that later.

I’ve always been fascinated with the world. It is such a place of wonder. Even today when it seems science has everything well under wraps, there are still strange and mysterious things like the dual slit experiment, where light actually behaves differently when it is being watched. When I was a small child I loved fairies. Science has only very recently discovered why the rocks mysteriously move on their own at the Racetrack Playa of Death Valley.

My uncle, who was reared in Ireland, used to fill my head with stories of Leprechauns. And on every St. Patrick’s Day morning I used to rush out into the woods behind my elementary school at dawn in hopes of catching a glimpse of one, because he told me St. Patrick’s Day was when they came out to check on their pots of gold. I didn’t want to catch one, and I didn’t want their gold, but my child’s heart just wanted to see one for real, to know that there was such an interesting thing in the world. And of course who didn’t grow up on Peter Pan and joined their voices with hundreds or thousands of other kids in yelling “I DO believe in fairies!” so that Tinkerbell would not die. To this day, there is just a slight bit of superstition in me, and I will never say “I don’t believe in fairies” out loud, as unlikely as they may be.

So even though a lot of our early beliefs, superstitions, and ideas about the world have faded in the light of science and discovery, I still truly believe this world to be a place of wonder. And this sense of awe and wonder of course extends to the amazing stories of the supernatural, a topic that is so very widespread that I can’t help but believe at least to an extent. How could so many people, including myself, be wrong?

My interest in the paranormal began at around age five with a very strange experience, an experience which lit a flame within me to find out more. I was sleeping in a bunk bed, the top of which was used for toy storage as I was an only child at that time. Something woke me in the middle of the night and I opened my eyes to see a woman coming into my room. She wore an old fashioned looking calico print dress that ballooned around her legs as if draped over one of those old fashioned hoops. On her shoulders was a deep navy blue shawl with tassels. I could not see her face because it was obstructed by the bunk bed. The oddest thing about her though was that her entire body was glowing in a bluish hue.

Contrary to what you would think, for some reason, I was not fearful, and I am still unsure why to this day. An image like that at my bedside these days would scare the slippers right off of me! She made a move as if to tuck me in to bed, bending down over my covers. I don’t actually remember if she pulled the covers up, or just made the motions. The only thought that went through my head was “That’s not mommy.” It was a mantra that kept repeating as I watched her straighten up and leave the room. As soon as she was no longer in the doorway, I leapt from my bed, determined to find out who the strange glowing lady was, but she was gone. When I told her, I don’t remember my mother being very phased by my story but it stuck with me for a very long time.

Since then I began to have other experiences, some frightening, and some not. When I reached the first grade and was allowed to visit the school library, ghosts was the first thing I asked to look up. I had learned to read at the age of two, so once the librarian was convinced I could handle it, she allowed me to go into the book sections for older grades and gave me free run of the library. For this I am still thankful because it also deepened my love of books. I found a book on ghosts and poltergeists there which scared but also thrilled me with the stories. From then on I was hooked. I read everything I could get my hands on. Not only did I find it enlightening but it also told me I was not alone.

This was also the era of shows like “Unsolved Mysteries”, “In Search of”, and books on the unexplained by Time Life. There was so much fascination with the unknown on TV, in books, and even on the radio with Coast to Coast. But it was “GhostBusters”, my all-time favorite movie that first breeched the topic of studying, trapping, and even ridding a place of ghosts. In my opinion it inspired ghost hunters all over way before TAPS was even a twinkle in a producer’s eye. Many years later I even joined a few paranormal research and ghost hunting groups and eventually started my own. It is still a pipe dream of mine that paranormal research will someday reach a level even close to the technology depicted in that hilarious but intriguing 80’s movie.

And that is all what has brought me to Shadow Watch. It was an old username of mine on a ghost forum once but to me it symbolizes my hunt and thirst for understanding of the unknown. I chase the shadows of things only glimpsed, in hopes that someday we can bring them out into the light. I hope you will continue to read, comment, and join me on this amazing journey. Until then, Happy Haunting!

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    Wow, this site looks wonderful Laura. Great job!
    • / Replypoetstorm
      Thanks! :)

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